MSPNW began because of a love for the art of storytelling and its ability to connect.

Your brand is the story we should tell.

How It's Done

So, how does all this work get done? Initiative and relentless attention to detail.

I work solo and with a crew, each professional dedicated to their own specialities. I operate this way to offer my clients exactly what they need: whether you’re running an international corporation and need a team, or your nimble and local and need less.

Hey, I’m Matt.

Though originally from Houston, I settled down in Oregon years ago to pursue my passions in storytelling. And in the outdoors, of course. I’m a Creative (Director) with 12+ years of experience turning people’s visions into reality. I lead crews on complex projects, and I also get my hands dirty sketching logos, snapping photos, and banging out lines of CSS.

Outside of my professional life, I love hiking + skiing, reading about history, frequenting all the craft breweries in town, and pushing the limits of my home kitchen as much as I can. Drop me a line. Let’s get your next project off the ground.

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