CAVA is a national, rapidly growing Mediterranean fast casual.

They needed effective video and design to drive the largest, sustained growth in their history.

Dreamt up in 2006, CAVA began as a full-service restaurant concept in Rockville, Maryland. By 2018, they had evolved into a fast casual restaurant group with over 200 locations across the United States.

CAVA had two audiences to target: guests grabbing lunch in the four walls of their restaurants, and customers snagging a dip or spread off the shelf of their local grocery store.

Creating campaigns that truly spoke to these groups meant market research + analysis, identifying key influencers, and working with stakeholders to bring their vision to life. Oh, and we had to show results too, of course.


A thread ran through the research: CAVA’s customers had a connection to sourcing local and saving time. Thus was born two integrated campaigns I worked on to drive their growth: “With More Time” and “Timeless.”


Video was at the heart of both campaigns, bringing the narratives to life through story. Each video was aligned with a different noteworthy character: some influencers, some organic farming revolutionaries. It was a blast to tell their stories – and break pita with them.


Impactful design was the backbone of CAVA’s messaging, from social and email to the messaging within their four walls. I partnered with our designers to to tell a cohesive across each medium, including video.

The results of the campaigns were clear:

Meaningful engagement online, greater foot traffic at CAVA’s restaurants, and increased pull on store shelves. All of which led to more expansion both of distribution at key national grocers and of CAVA restaurants.

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