Hopworks is an OG brewery based in Southeast Portland.

With a focus on local and sustainable brewing, their beers aren’t only delicious, they protect the planet. To stand out in the crowded craft beer market, Hopworks needed content that would help them stand out and boost sales.

Founded in 2008, Hopworks started small. By 2020, they’d expanded to three locations, including a pub in Portland International Airport, and 10+ territories.

Hopworks’ focus was in threefold: getting guests into their brewpubs, securing handles at on-premise venues, and increasing velocity of sale at off-premise stores.

Building their brand meant research, interviews, and analysis. It meant a complete re-envisioning of the brand.


Our strategy began from the ground up: creating a a brand book, developing a voice, personas, numerous brand assets, labels, menus, photography, … Let’s just say it was a ton of fun.

Photography + Video

For Hopworks, visual solutions were all about conveying the brand: light, bright, eco-conscious, but silly. They think of themselves as down-to-earth eco freaks – and that’s exactly what we looked to convey.


True to their punk rock + cycling persona, design for Hopworks is big, chunky and in your face. Using bright colors inspired by their German roots, and a visual language developed from bikes and the planet, I helped them tell their story across every medium: social, digital, print, and traditional. We set up a pretty great website too.

The result? A unified brand across all touch points with their customer.

A year-over-year increase in followers and engagement. And cans with artwork that pops of the shelf containing beer that flowed more freely from the taps..

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